When ADOBE came to us they wanted to represent the power of imagination and how Photoshop can help you create whatever is in your head. We created this film with that in mind, trying to showcase all you can do with Photoshop but from the POV of this one hero female character. We called the film: FANTASTIC VOYAGE, and from conception to production it has been a journey.

Client - Adobe
Agency - 72 and Sunny
Director - Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
Creative Directors - Kristian Grove Moller, Lauren C. Smith
Senior Art Director - Bartolome Graziana
Senior Copywriter - Scott Reedy
Production Company - Partizan
Producers - David Lynch, David Stewart
VFX - Mathematic.tv
Colorist - Mathieu Caplanne
Illustrators - Kervin Brisseaux, Gerhard Human, Virginie Krypriotis, Mau Lencinas, Leo Natsume and Oleg Shcherba

Adobe Photoshop - Fantastic Voyage from Bartolome Graziana on Vimeo.