Adobe Photoshop is more than just a tool, it’s a vehicle to help you reimagine the world. So as the world went into lockdown, we set out to inspire imaginations everywhere with a film that celebrates its power to take us wherever we want to go. In it, reality becomes a canvas for a girl's imagination as she uses her creativity and Photoshop to transform her everyday commute into a fantastic voyage.

Over the course of many months and with the world behind closed doors and borders, manifesting our hero's imagination was a fantastic voyage itself, with every detail brought to life by a team of creatives working across timezones and "unprecedented times" in a creatively transformational effort equal to the hero's in the film.

Client - Adobe
Agency - 72 and Sunny
Director - Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
Creative Directors - Kristian Grove Moller, Lauren C. Smith
Senior Art Director - Bartolome Graziana
Senior Copywriter - Scott Reedy
Production Company - Partizan
Producers - David Lynch, David Stewart
Colorist - Mathieu Caplanne
Illustrators - Kervin Brisseaux, Gerhard Human, Virginie Krypriotis, Mau Lencinas, Leo Natsume and Oleg Shcherba

Adobe Photoshop - Fantastic Voyage from Bartolome Graziana on Vimeo.

Adobe Photoshop - Fantastic Voyage (making-of) from Bartolome Graziana on Vimeo.