Inspired by the rave movement, RFC's Midnight Cup is a soccer tournament held at midnight in a secret location where a crowd of friends and family gather to cheer on and party with their team all night long.

Creative Direction - Angelo Destounis & Bartolome Graziana
Film -
Photography - Gildas Awuye & Celia Spenard-Ko

Visuals-Midnight_Cup-B Visuals-Midnight_Cup-D-1 Visuals-Midnight_Cup-E_0006_Group 1 Visuals-Midnight_Cup-E_0007_Group 2 Visuals-Midnight_Cup-E_0005_Group 3Visuals-Midnight_Cup-E_0001_Group 7Visuals-Midnight_Cup-E_0004_Group 4 Visuals-Midnight_Cup-E_0003_Group 5 Visuals-Midnight_Cup-E_0002_Group 6 Visuals-Midnight_Cup-C